Powering the bold to go beyond

Attis Clean Energy Group is an investment and advisory firm exclusively focused on advancing clean energy companies, maximizing efficiency, creating value, and driving growth.


Our trusted partners on the journey to excellence

Our team not only invests in transformative companies, we empower and partner with the innovators who lead them.

Attis aligns with founders and developers by partnering on projects from an early stage through maturity, enabling them to realize their vision and charting a path to sustainable success.

Our firm is built on three core tenants:


Our depth and breadth of experience enables us to identify opportunities, mitigate risks and provide a unique perspective to help reach goals now, and go further, faster.


We are dedicated to helping build new and better energy solutions. With our strategic guidance and operational expertise, we can remove obstacles to help maximize potential and increase returns.


We understand firsthand the challenges of running and scaling a business. We provide a supportive ecosystem that ensures goals are met at all stages of development, leveraging our extensive resources to help power success.